The Fabulous Ohs: The Marriage and the Music






THE FABULOUS OHS: THE MARRIAGE AND THE MUSIC is a documentary film from producer/director Kathryn Parks. 

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A small-town composer and a strong-willed singer/librettist find romance and song as they embark on a lifelong pursuit to bring their original music to the world.



Year: 2022
Runtime: 45 min 7 sec
Language: English
Director: Kathryn Parks
Producer: Kathryn Parks
Cast: Sharon Ohrenstein, David Ohrenstein
Cinematographer: Dylan Jon Wade Cox
Editor: Kathryn Parks
Story Producer: Elise Rodriguez
Production Design: Kathryn Parks
Sound Design: Kathryn Parks
Music: David Ohrenstein and Sharon Ohrenstein



Miami Jewish Film Festival
Adirondack Film Festival


The Story

The forty-five minute film follows the story of Parks’ parents, Sharon Ohrenstein and David Ohrenstein, two Sarasota-based performers and musical artists who find romance and song as they embark on a lifelong pursuit to bring their original music to the world. The 42-year marriage of the pianist/composer and singer/librettist included raising three children while performing as the duo, The Fabulous Ohs, and eventually transitioning into writing and producing original musicals and operas. 

The film weaves together current and past interviews of the couple while Parks watched and selected content from more than 40 archived VHS tapes and DVDs of concerts, gigs, and original musicals. It also focuses on the lasting legacy of David’s parents’, both Holocaust survivors as expressed through his music. Other themes include celebrating women in leadership, the struggle of raising a family as an artist, and chasing your dreams at any age. The film also features an original score by her father, David Ohrenstein, who is awoken every night by a muse, compelling him to sit at the piano and write out a new melody before he goes back to bed. 

Parks directed, produced, and edited the film with cinematography by Dylan Jon Wade Cox. 

Sarasota Film Festival Programmer Rodney Piatt calls the film “joyful, personal, and uplifting.”


Behind-the-scenes photos by Goddess Imagery Studios, Sarasota, Florida